Microsoft and Adobe to launch cross-platform version of Microsoft Paint for Linux, Windows 10

Microsoft and Adobe to launch cross-platform version of Microsoft Paint for Linux, Windows 10

August 4, 2021 Comments Off on Microsoft and Adobe to launch cross-platform version of Microsoft Paint for Linux, Windows 10 By admin

Microsoft is set to launch a cross-compiling tool for Microsoft Paint that will allow developers to run their applications on Linux and Windows 10.

Microsoft’s new tool, dubbed Windows Compile, will be available to developers in the next few months.

It will allow users to compile Windows 8.1 and Windows 8 applications to compile for Windows 10, as well as Microsoft Paint to run on Linux or Windows.

The new tool will also be compatible with Windows 8, 8.5, and 10, and will allow cross-development between the two platforms.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced in a video that the company is working on cross-franchise software development, and is excited to make it possible for people to collaborate across the two companies.

“We’re excited to be working with the Microsoft Paint team to bring the Windows Compiler to Linux and to bring Paint to Windows 10,” he said.

“The Paint team is also looking forward to collaborating with Microsoft to bring our cross-building tool to the cloud.

This is a huge win for our customers and partners.”

The Microsoft Paint Compiler is a tool that enables users to create and compile cross-licensed applications for Windows and Linux.

Microsoft currently provides a cross compiler for Windows, but this is only for Windows.

It only works for the x86-64 architecture and will not run on ARM, but it will be possible for developers to make applications that work on both architectures, including cross-architecture code.

“This tool enables us to bring paint to the Linux platform,” said Steve Schrier, head of Windows at Microsoft.

“It will allow us to run our applications on a Linux machine.”

Microsoft is also making it easier for developers and end users to collaborate and use tools on Linux, which makes cross-builds even more useful.

The new tool also makes it possible to compile and distribute Microsoft Paint apps across different platforms.

Microsoft is looking to enable developers to use Paint on Linux for both the desktop and the HoloLens, and the new tool allows developers to share the same application code between the HoloKit, HoloLens SDK, and Windows SDKs.

The Windows Compiled tools for Linux will be made available for free download in the coming months, and developers can download the tool for free from Microsoft.

Microsoft will be releasing new versions of the tool over time.

“It’s great to see Microsoft getting on board with the cross-unity platform and bringing this to Linux, and we’re looking forward with enthusiasm to working with Microsoft on it,” said Tom Chua, president and CEO of the Linux Foundation.

“Microsoft Paint is the perfect platform to bring cross-production code across the globe, so developers can use it to build the next great Microsoft experiences.”


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