How to fix Kentucky’s disastrous healthcare law

How to fix Kentucky’s disastrous healthcare law

September 9, 2021 Comments Off on How to fix Kentucky’s disastrous healthcare law By admin

KY (AP) Kentucky has become the latest state to enact a massive overhaul of its health care system to help it deal with the fallout from the catastrophic effects of the ACA.

The state is the latest in the country to roll out sweeping changes to its health insurance market, and Gov.

Matt Bevin, who signed the bill Monday, says the changes will help keep people covered under the law and improve Kentucky’s economy.

Kentucky’s new healthcare law, which takes effect Sept. 1, requires businesses to provide coverage for everyone and imposes a mandate on insurers to cover essential health benefits like prescription drugs and mental health care.

More than two-thirds of the state’s residents are uninsured, and the new system is expected to increase premiums by 20 percent, according to estimates by the consulting firm Avalere Health.

“If we want to improve Kentucky, we need to be prepared to take a huge step forward in our health care,” Bevin said.

“This is a huge and long-overdue step forward for the state of Kentucky.”

The law will expand Medicaid, which helps people who are poor or near poverty pay for health care, and it requires insurers to provide the same types of benefits for everyone.

Bevin says the state has a choice to make.

It can continue to opt for a narrow approach that includes some types of insurance coverage and limits the amount of money insurers can spend on medical bills, or it can make the choice to provide more coverage and more affordable coverage.

In addition to reducing premiums, Bevin says he hopes to reduce hospital and physician visits by up to 10 percent.

He also says the law will help the state with its high rate of infant mortality.

“We have to figure out how to keep kids healthy and have them thrive,” Beven said.

Democrats have called the law the worst in the nation, saying it is a political stunt to try to take away the will of voters.

The Republican-led Kentucky House of Representatives approved the legislation Monday.

Read more about the new healthcare bill here:


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