What to know about the US military’s automated systems

What to know about the US military’s automated systems

September 14, 2021 Comments Off on What to know about the US military’s automated systems By admin

By Tom Johnson and Matthew LeeThe Pentagon is set to deploy an automated technology to help soldiers perform more efficient tasks at home and on the battlefield.

The Pentagon has announced a $15.5 million contract with General Atomics to help it develop a new system for the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps that will automate the tasks they do.

“Automation and precision medicine are critical to our soldiers’ success,” the Pentagon said in a statement.

“The Army is investing $15 million in an automated medicine platform that will improve our soldiers performance by allowing them to perform their mission faster, more accurately, and with greater confidence.

The Army is a rapidly growing force, with more than 3,000 Army Soldiers and their families serving overseas, including on our home soil.”

The Pentagon said the platform will help soldiers “find, locate, and remove common medical conditions and medical care devices that they do not need, such as an IV catheter or an x-ray machine.”

The Army will work with a team of experts to develop the technology, the Pentagon added.

The software will be designed to be fully interoperable with existing platforms.

The Army currently uses three systems for personnel in various fields: personnel databases, personnel tracking systems and systems for remote patient care.

The software will replace those three systems, and it will replace the Army’s existing personnel tracking system, the Army said.

The military’s medical team, known as the “Medical Support Team”, is responsible for ensuring that soldiers get the right care at the right time, according to the Pentagon.

The system will be used for tasks such as administering blood and urine samples, conducting medical evaluations and diagnosing diseases, the military said.

It will also be used to perform tasks such the delivery of medication to patients, as well as routine patient care such as taking medication.

The systems are also being built to be easier to use by Soldiers.


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