Why you should never use ‘Army personnel’ to refer to soldiers with PTSD

Why you should never use ‘Army personnel’ to refer to soldiers with PTSD

November 30, 2021 Comments Off on Why you should never use ‘Army personnel’ to refer to soldiers with PTSD By admin

The Army has been criticized for its handling of soldiers with post-traumatic stress disorder, with many arguing the phrase should be reserved for soldiers who have served honorably and have completed the Army’s military service.

As of late September, the Army had only allowed soldiers who served in Iraq and Afghanistan to use the word, citing its concern that veterans would mistakenly assume they were referring to those soldiers with military disabilities.

The phrase “army” has also been used to refer not only to members of the military, but to anyone who has served overseas and/or in the military’s ranks.

But some veterans argue that it is an inappropriate term and could be perceived as disrespectful to veterans.

In October, an Army spokesperson told ABC News, “The Army is the first to admit that soldiers who deploy overseas or in the armed forces are often called soldiers.”

The spokesperson added that soldiers in the Army are called soldiers for a reason and “the Army is not ashamed to say so.”

Army Sgt. Maj. Col. Matt Dutton, a former Army Ranger, said the phrase is offensive to veterans who served honoribly and have not suffered from PTSD.

“This is not a term of endearment or compliment,” Dutton said.

“It’s insulting and insulting to the Army.

It’s just a bad term for a bunch of soldiers that have served our country.”

The Army has taken steps to address the issue.

In December, the military acknowledged that soldiers may be using the phrase in their official names.

However, the statement from the Army said, “While we cannot control the use of terms like ‘soldier’ in military communications, we do want to ensure that Army members are not mistakenly identifying themselves as soldiers.”


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