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Trump to propose sweeping new anti-terror measures

September 12, 2021 Comments Off on Trump to propose sweeping new anti-terror measures By admin

President Donald Trump will propose sweeping anti-terrorism measures in his first full week in office, the White House announced Monday.

Trump’s administration is set to unveil the plan for the Trump Administration, including a new set of rules and guidelines for private contractors to use, a push to stop private companies from using taxpayer funds to build or expand new facilities.

The president will sign an executive order to implement the new regulations.

The White House also announced it is developing a list of federal contractors who have been found to have used taxpayer funds for private activities, including at least five major contractors that it says were found to be violating federal law by using taxpayer dollars for “bundling and subcontracting.”

In a statement, Trump called on contractors to “avoid any and all government contracts that are based on contracts that violate federal law, which prohibits public entities from awarding contracts that directly or indirectly reward the performance of government employees.”

The White of House says it will “take immediate action to close any such contracts and other inappropriate actions will be taken to ensure that the contractors do not participate in government contracts in the future.”

Trump’s new guidelines would require contractors to disclose when they received funds to develop or expand facilities, but it does not specifically mention the federal government.

Trump will also ask the Justice Department and the Treasury Department to conduct reviews of private contractors’ use of taxpayer funds in the new administration, including for contracts that could be deemed as “bargaining devices” by the Trump administration.

The new rules would apply to contractors working on projects ranging from construction of new schools to the new Trump International Hotel and Tower.

The proposed new regulations would also require federal contractors to report their use of government funds for “compensation or benefits,” such as travel expenses.

The Trump administration has already come under fire for its use of public funds to construct and expand a Trump golf course in Aberdeen, Scotland, and for its $1.8 billion expansion of the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota.

The Associated Press reported last month that Trump is using the government to fund his private club at Mar-a-Lago, where he lives.

The club has been accused of being too large for its property, and Trump has denied using the federal funds to subsidize the club.

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