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How you can help with the flood response

October 28, 2021 Comments Off on How you can help with the flood response By admin

The U.S. Coast Guard is asking for your help to keep residents and businesses safe in Houston.

Here’s what you need to know.


What are the requirements to help the flood recovery effort?

The Coast Guard needs your help and will be providing the following:A trained emergency response team will be available to assist with flood recovery activities from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., Monday through Friday.

The Coast Guard also will be coordinating with other government agencies and private contractors to assist in coordinating assistance.

The Coast Guards National Hurricane Center has more information about flood response.

The coast guard is also working to make sure that communities in areas affected by the flood don’t become flooded.

The flood response team includes a Coast Guard crew member, a medical coordinator, a field medic and a field engineer.

The crew member will be responsible for coordinating any and all support, including water, sewage and emergency management.

They will also be responsible with coordinating any medical, supplies, food and other supplies needed by residents and those in shelters.

The field medic will be the primary resource for treating victims and will provide first aid to anyone who is injured, sickened or otherwise needs assistance.

The field medic is responsible for monitoring and collecting all information needed by responders and the public.

The first responder will be in charge of administering any medical care for victims and for providing any first aid and medical care to other victims of the storm.

The emergency medical response team, which will include the Coast Guard, will include a Coast Guards medical specialist, a licensed primary care physician, a certified nurse-midwife and a certified physician assistant, the Coast Guards first response center.

The primary care doctor will also assist the team with all first aid protocols, including administering first aid.

The licensed physician assistant will assist in the selection of appropriate first aid equipment and supplies for the team.

The trained medical response personnel will provide medical care and medical supplies to any victims or those in shelter, as well as provide first-aid training for any first responders who are involved in the storm response.

The trained medical responders will also coordinate first aid at the scene of an incident with the first responders.

The experienced team member will also monitor and collect information regarding the health of any victims and the location of any shelters and/or other vulnerable people.

The team member also will work closely with the primary care physicians, nurse- midwives, physician assistants, physician assistant physicians and other medical personnel.

The qualified field medic or field medic trained in the use of first aid will be ready to perform any necessary medical or first aid procedures, including, but not limited to, chest compressions, defibrillation, defecation, blood transfusions, oxygen and/ or other first aid measures.

The medical response officer will coordinate the medical and first aid activities of the team members.

The nurse-medic will provide initial care and care management for any emergency situations, including any patient who is critically ill or injured.

The nurse-merc will also provide basic first aid training and other necessary first aid supplies, and will also have access to any necessary supplies.

The certified nurse/midwife will perform a range of clinical and therapeutic first aid operations.

The Certified Nurse/Midwife will also work closely and independently with the medical response members to support their mission.

The certified nurse will be able to perform all procedures related to first aid, such as administering first- and second-aid measures, providing first aid in emergency situations and administering first aids in medical situations.

The experienced field medic, field medic certified in the care of injured individuals and the qualified medical response technician will work in close cooperation with the Coast Engineers National Response Coordination Team.

The National Response Coordinator will coordinate with the National Disaster Response Coordinating Center.

The response team members are trained in first aid techniques, first aid technique demonstrations, first- aid techniques and CPR procedures, as applicable.

The response team member is responsible with administering first and second aid, as required.

The initial contact will be with the patient, with the field medic assisting and assisting the patient with initial care.

The team member and his or her immediate family members, who are not in shelter but are expected to be in shelters, will be contacted at the earliest opportunity by phone or by email.

The first contact with the team member’s family members will occur in the first 24 hours following the initial contact.

In the event of a large emergency, the medical responders will be working from a location close to the storm, including those on the ground in shelters or who are able to move quickly and safely to safety.

If an incident occurs near a structure, the first response team is authorized to deploy a medical team.

The medical response teams are not allowed to go into a building.

If a structure is impacted by a hurricane, the response team should also be able go into the structure.

If a structure has structural damage, including a roof collapse or structural damage to a power line, the rescue and response team can use a

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How to make sure your employee benefits package is right for you

August 13, 2021 Comments Off on How to make sure your employee benefits package is right for you By admin

The military has recently been struggling with a record number of retirements, which have pushed up its overall retirement rate.

Now, the service is scrambling to find a way to help people stay on the job.

As the Navy rolls out its new pension plan, it’s trying to address the issue of who should be covered under the new program, according to an analysis by Next BigFuture, a non-profit research group.

While the Pentagon is currently looking at a mix of employees and retirees, it may not be enough to solve the problem of who will be covered by the plan, said Scott Krakauer, a senior analyst for Next Big.

Military retirees have been an issue for the military, Krakauers research shows, but this is the first time that it’s being addressed as a whole.

The Pentagon is looking to replace about half of its employees and retiring servicemembers by 2035, according a January study by the Government Accountability Office.

Krakauer’s research found that, despite the massive changes to the way the military has worked, there is not yet a comprehensive plan for all of its retirees.

Military retirements and military retirements alone are projected to rise more than $2 trillion over the next 10 years, according the analysis.

The government estimates that the military will spend about $50 billion on benefits by 2027, and will need to replace more than 40 percent of its current retirees by 2040.

According to Next Big, the Navy’s new plan will provide more protection for retirees, who will receive about $7,500 in extra benefits under the plan.

That’s an amount that is likely to be less than the full cost of a retiree’s medical care and the cost of paying for any additional retirement benefits they receive.

The new plan also offers more than 30 months of coverage for servicemember’s children under the same plan, according Next Big’s analysis.

That would put them at a financial advantage, and give them more options for when they retire.

The Navy’s pension plan was announced in June, and has already begun to see its first changes.

The service has already reduced the size of the plan to reduce its total amount of employees.

The new plan still leaves about 5 million military retirees out of the military retirement pool, and some people are still waiting to get their pensions.

Krikauer said the Navy is likely not able to offer a full retirement benefit package for all its retirees, but there are other ways the service can provide more support to its retirees if the service wants to do so.

The service has proposed offering a pension plan to its entire workforce.

The plan would be designed to provide benefits for military retirees in three phases, according.

The first phase would be the standard pension, which would pay for about 40 percent and the second phase would provide a standard lump sum, which Krakaus will describe in more detail.

The lump sum would provide some additional support for military members who have retired from active duty, or have received medical leave.

The second phase, the traditional pension, would provide about 50 percent and would pay benefits up to the age of 70.

The final phase would cover military retirees who are eligible for disability pay, and the lump sum provides additional protection to those who receive disability payments.

The plan would also offer a pension for dependents.

As part of the transition, the services is planning to offer pension plans for other groups of people, including veterans and other individuals who have been discharged from active military service.

This would allow them to keep their current benefits and benefits they would receive if they were still in service.

The Pentagon is also considering increasing benefits for employees who have completed at least 10 years of service and are eligible to receive pension.

The military has been able to retire people who have served for more than five years, but that has not been the case for everyone who retired from the service.

Karen Kerk, the military’s acting director of pension and retirement, told Next Big that the Pentagon’s plans for pension and benefits for all retirees are “progressing.”

The service’s plans will be more tailored to the types of people who retire, Kerk said, and include a number of other changes that will include changes in the timing of the changes, the number of retirees that will be included in the plan and a wider range of pension benefits.

Kerk also said the plan will be much more comprehensive than the Pentagon currently has, adding that it will include benefits for veterans, military retirees and dependents of military members.

The proposal is expected to be in place by early next year, but Krakans research found some major hurdles to overcome before it goes into effect.

The pension plan will require that servicemems receive at least $5,500 for each month they serve, and that their average monthly benefits will be about $537.

It will also require servicemEMS to pay about $2,300 per month to the military Retirement Fund

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Republicans want to make it easier for GOP candidates to collect campaign donations

August 4, 2021 Comments Off on Republicans want to make it easier for GOP candidates to collect campaign donations By admin

GOP lawmakers want to move forward with legislation that would allow candidates to use a virtual fundraising platform, according to sources close to the legislation.

The bill is expected to be discussed Thursday in the House Rules Committee, a move expected to likely pass the chamber without any Democratic opposition.

Rep. Chris Collins (R-N.Y.) and Rep. Peter King (R) are leading the charge, according the sources, who said the legislation could be reintroduced in the near future.

The proposed legislation, called the Campaign Access to Campaign Finance Act, would allow campaign donations to be made on a “virtual fundraising platform” — a virtual campaign account — with the campaign, a candidate, a political action committee, a nonprofit organization or a trade association, as well as the general public, according a draft of the legislation circulated by Rep. Chris Taylor (R., N.Y.), a co-sponsor of the bill.

The legislation, which would go into effect if passed by the House, would apply to any individual, political party or political action group that collects or uses a campaign account.

Candidates and party committees could use the accounts for all of the candidate’s official duties, including fundraising and coordinating fundraising efforts.

The candidates and party organizations could choose to allow the use of their own fundraising account, but they would have to disclose who owns the account, as a condition of the fundraising activity.

Candidate committees could also use the virtual campaign accounts to collect contributions from donors, but the amount of the contributions would have no bearing on whether the contributions were considered contributions for the purposes of campaign finance laws.

The provision is part of a wider effort by House GOP lawmakers to expand campaign finance coverage.

The bill would also make it possible for campaigns to accept contributions from people who do not have an election campaign committee account.

The Republican bill would require candidates to have campaign committees that have not yet filed paperwork to the Federal Election Commission.

That filing would allow a candidate to collect the contributions of those who are not currently registered as a candidate.

The draft legislation has been referred to a subcommittee, but there are still questions about its ability to pass the House.


Mike Bishop (R.-Utah), Trent Franks (R.

Ariz.), Jim Jordan (R.–Ohio) and Jeff Denham (R–Calif.) all said they were considering moving forward with the legislation, but others are also expected to push for changes to the proposal.

The prospect of legislation being reintroduced could be a sign that Republicans in the lower chamber are willing to move on from their 2016 campaign finance reform effort.GOP Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R.) is a key figure in the push for change.

She has been an outspoken critic of the proposal, which has been backed by the Trump campaign and other Republican lawmakers.

Democrats in the upper chamber are expected to oppose the bill in its current form, but it could face some changes in committee markup and possibly ultimately in the Senate.

Democrats are also preparing a letter to GOP leaders, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R.), asking them to take the issue out of committee markup.

Democrats have not ruled out taking the issue up at the Democratic-led Senate Finance Committee, where the issue is likely to face intense scrutiny.

India’s mega-corporation’s mega deal with Indian Navy to provide security for mega-building project – The Indian Express

July 16, 2021 Comments Off on India’s mega-corporation’s mega deal with Indian Navy to provide security for mega-building project – The Indian Express By admin

Mumbai: India’s mega construction project with its country’s defence giant Tata is set to start soon and will include the construction of six new nuclear power stations and three other power stations, the defence ministry said on Tuesday.

The nuclear power plants and the power stations are to be built in the eastern state of West Bengal by Tata Power Limited (TPL), which will have been granted a licence by the government of the Indian capital to construct them, a government statement said.

Tata Power is a Tata group company which is wholly owned by Tata Group, the world’s largest company with more than 1,500 firms.TPL has a joint venture with Hindustan Heavy Industries Limited, the state-owned entity that owns about a third of Tata Power’s power assets.

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How to figure out which NFL coaches have the most leverage in contract negotiations

July 14, 2021 Comments Off on How to figure out which NFL coaches have the most leverage in contract negotiations By admin

DALOTTE, Texas — NFL general managers often try to avoid negotiating with agents.

Some teams like to keep the salary cap tight to help lure the best possible free agents.

Others like to use leverage, particularly with agents, to lock down top talent.

But for the Dallas Cowboys, who traded the most recent draft pick to the Cleveland Browns, the most significant factor in their contract negotiations is their coaching staff.

That’s why the Cowboys were so interested in trading quarterback Tony Romo for the No. 3 pick in the 2018 NFL draft.

They’re still waiting for the Browns to deliver, and that could change with the upcoming draft, but the Cowboys don’t see the need to trade for Romo.

They see it as a valuable asset, especially since they can keep Romo as a player in 2019 and beyond.

“We’re going to keep him in Dallas and let him work his tail off,” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said.

“The next year or two, we’ll let him know we’re going there.

He can still play and have a productive career there.”

Romo is entering his third season in Dallas after signing a three-year, $54 million contract extension in 2018.

But he struggled with inconsistency and injuries throughout his first three seasons.

He was sacked just once in his first 16 games in Dallas in 2019, and threw for 556 yards and six touchdowns in his final 20 games in the NFL.

In the first half of 2019, Romo was targeted more than any other quarterback in the league, and he had just eight completions of 20 yards or more.

He had a career-high two interceptions in the fourth quarter in the Cowboys’ 29-17 loss to the Atlanta Falcons on Sept. 22.

Romo had another string of struggles, as the Cowboys went 0-8 in his absence, losing to the Green Bay Packers and Denver Broncos.

He missed the next three games because of a neck injury, and Jones has been vocal in his criticism of Romo, saying that his decision-making has been subpar this year.

“I just think that he’s been a disappointment and he’s gotten into some really bad areas, like the throwing of the football, and his accuracy,” Jones said in an interview with NFL Network’s Michael DiRocco.

“It’s just been a big problem.”

Jones said he thinks Romo is ready to be a starting quarterback, but he has a “very good” chance of winning the job.

“He’s a guy that has a great feel for the game,” Jones added.

“He knows how to win and he knows how much better he can be, because I think he’s the guy.

He’s got a great arm.

He knows how the ball should be thrown and he doesn’t take it as far as he should.”

The Cowboys also have plenty of other players to make Romo’s job easier.

He signed a four-year deal with $52 million guaranteed in 2018, and the Cowboys have no cap space for 2018.

So they’ll likely have to give Romo a longer deal in 2019.

They will have to pay Romo $20 million in 2019 if they want to keep Romo for at least another year.

Ricky Williams has played well in Romo’s absence.

He threw for 1,054 yards and five touchdowns and averaged 6.3 yards per carry this season.

He also has played a lot of snaps in Romo ‘s absence, which has opened up more opportunities for undrafted rookie running back Leonard Fournette.

Fournettes had a solid rookie season last year with 4,988 yards and 23 touchdowns.

Williams is in his second year with the Browns.

He has had an impressive season, completing 65.9 percent of his passes for 3,976 yards and 14 touchdowns with 12 interceptions.

He is the Browns’ top wide receiver.

Fournette has had a productive rookie season with 2,908 yards and 18 touchdowns, but has struggled to match that production with his consistency.

He struggled in the first two games of the season, but finished with five touchdowns in the last three.

Fisher, a 6-foot-3, 209-pound wide receiver, has been a solid complement to Romo in his role as the backup to Romo.

Fisher is a big receiver with good speed, but is a more explosive receiver with a knack for finding the football.

He caught 11 passes for 138 yards against the Broncos.

Roughly a week ago, Fisher was signed by the Browns and signed to a two-year contract.

The Browns have no room for him on the roster.

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