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Which Canadian Forces personnel are at risk?

September 8, 2021 Comments Off on Which Canadian Forces personnel are at risk? By admin

With the number of Canadians killed in combat increasing, the Canadian Forces are under increasing pressure to find ways to reduce their risk of being targeted by a terrorist group.

With a growing list of potential targets, the Forces are increasingly concerned about how best to protect their personnel and their communities.

In fact, in March 2017, the federal government announced it was reviewing the way it handles its protection of military personnel and civilians.

What’s more, the number and type of Canadian Forces people being targeted has increased, with at least two recent cases of members of the force being targeted for attack.

In this CBC News special series, we’re going to take a look at the people who are at the top of the list.


Major General Peter MacNeil, commander of the Canadian Armed Forces.


Major-General David Rachal.


Staff Sgt. Thomas Vickers.


Staff Sergeant Ryan D’Amore.


Staff Sergeants Ryan Crippen, Nathan Fowles, and Ryan Dukierau.


Staff Lieutenant Colonel Paul Jang.


Staff Private John Burt.


Staff Corporal David Wiernik.


Staff Major-Colonel Tom Stirling.


Staff Constable Andrew Janssen.


Staff Captain Mark Kuehn.


Staff Colonel Mark E. Stoddart.


Staff First Sergeant Christopher B. LeBlanc.


Staff Officer Scott Kugel.


Staff Second Lieutenant Richard F. Lantz.


Staff Staff Sergeant Matthew T. Smith.


Staff Soldier Matthew C. Lees.


Staff Warrant Officer Ryan S. Wray.


Staff Trooper Scott E. Taylor.


Staff Specialist Christopher A. Groski.


Staff Engineer Ryan G. Johnson.


Staff Airborne Warrant Officer Scott G. Jones.


Staff Technician Jason L. Stahl.


Staff Marine Specialist Paul L. Dufour.


Staff Fireman Daniel L. Brown.


Staff Military Police Officer Ryan J. McPherson.


Staff Reserve Constable Christopher E. Haines.


Staff Canadian Forces Police Constable Ryan Gugler.


Staff National Guard Trooper Ryan M. Fagan.


Staff Army Ranger Scott A. McDonagh.


Staff Australian Army Reserve Staff Sgt James P. Browning.


Staff US Army Reserve Private Ryan Moulton.


Staff Senior Airman Michael J. Cusumano.


Staff Naval Reserve Officer Ryan Mouton.


Staff Navy Reserve Officer James Pannone.


Staff Reservist Major-Gen. Scott M. McBride.


Staff Ranger James F. Moulston.


Staff Special Forces Sergeant Bryan M. Stacey.


Staff Force Commander David M. Brownfield.


Staff Chief of Defence Staff Robert P. Scott.


Staff Deputy Commander of the Joint Task Force in the Arctic (JTF-A).


Staff Defence Intelligence Agency Senior Analyst Michael D. Smithson.


Staff Joint Task Command Operations Centre Commander Andrew J. D’Arcy.


Staff Intelligence and Security Intelligence Agency (ISRA) Senior Analyst Jason Lippmann.


Staff North American Aerospace Defence Command Director of Operations (NAADC).


Staff Regional Operations Support Centre Commander Kevin B. Smith (RIP).


Staff Directorate of Military Personnel Support Director Mark M. Kelly.


Staff Department of National Defence (DND).


Staff Maritime Security Command (MSC).


Staff Pacific Region Military Officer (MPO).


Staff Commandant General James R. Moore.


Staff Director of Naval Operations, Atlantic Fleet, Rear Admiral Kevin W. McQuaid.


Staff Inspector General for Defence Acquisition, Naval Procurement, and Logistics, James A. Wigram.


Staff Assistant Secretary of the Department of Defence for Intelligence and Communications, John F. Geddes.


Staff Information Systems Manager at Joint Task Forces Europe.


Staff Global Operations Support Officer at Joint Forces Command.


Staff Personnel Officer (PPO).


Staff Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).


Staff Criminal Intelligence Analyst, Joint Task Support Team.


Staff Human Resources Officer at the Defence Intelligence Service.


Staff Public Safety Advisor to the Prime Minister of Canada.


Staff Federal Police Service (FPS).


Staff Financial Security Officer at CFB Trenton.


Staff Foreign Affairs and International Trade (FATCA) Chief Financial Officer, Brian T. Murphy.


Staff International Trade Canada (ITC).


Staff Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, Joyce Murray.


Staff CF-18 Flight Crew Chief of Staff, Peter Kuchera.


Staff Canada Post Operations Manager.


Staff Security Officer, Joint Operations Command, Atlantic

How to keep your team on track as the world moves on

August 4, 2021 Comments Off on How to keep your team on track as the world moves on By admin

Staff Sergeant David Smith was assigned to the company’s combat-support battalion, and when he retired in 2016, he wanted to spend more time with his family. 

So when he was promoted to platoon commander, Smith started thinking about how to get the job done. 

“I’m a bit of a ‘what if’ guy,” Smith said. 

The plan was simple. 

Smith would be assigned to a platoon where he’d be able to support other platoon members and, hopefully, the entire battalion. 

As Smith saw it, platoon commanders should be expected to do more than lead their teams. 

But it wasn’t easy. 

A few months after Smith retired, he was sent to Afghanistan to be an infantryman. 

He and his fellow platoon commanders went to great lengths to keep their platoon alive and the company intact. 

They worked as much as they could, but they also knew that they were not doing enough. 

While they were in Afghanistan, the company had an unexpected problem. 

There were no men to lead them. 

To make matters worse, there was little to no money to pay for the men. 

That made things even more difficult. 

Some of the men had just left their families and were living with their families. 

Others had recently been deployed and were waiting for their paychecks to come in. 

For Smith, it was another problem.

It wasn’t just the lack of men, it wasn the lack that had made it difficult for the platoon to survive. 

And it wasn, Smith said, a difficult one to solve. 

Because of that, he asked his platoon commander if they could try to find a man to lead the platoon. 

This was a rare opportunity for Smith. 

It wasn’t a problem that would have been a problem had Smith not left his family behind and the military. 

Instead, Smith was tasked with helping to support his platoon as he moved to an all-male battalion.

In the end, Smith decided to join the battalion to be able continue his father’s dream of serving his country.

When Smith and his platoon arrived in Iraq in June 2017, the platoon was the first of many to be deployed there. 

With so many men in the area, the soldiers found it difficult to find work and make it through the dangerous months of combat. 

When the men arrived at the battalion’s base, they found the rest of the battalion lacking. 

In an effort to help their men get a better job, Smith’s platoon commander offered him a position in the battalion as a combat engineer. 

Although Smith was initially skeptical, he loved his job. 

Eventually, he and his colleagues made a decision to join a platoon with a larger contingent of men.

Smith said that, after being deployed to Afghanistan, he realized that he was in a position where he could help his platoon.

Smith said he was also in a good position to help the men that he helped. 

After serving in the military for 18 years, Smith had learned a lot about what it takes to make it in the business world.

He was confident in his ability to get his men to do the right things. 

However, there were some things Smith didn’t know how to do. 

Once he was assigned as an engineer, he didn’t have much of a job to show for it. 

Still, Smith thought he could get his team to do something. 

One day in May, he came up with an idea. 

Just like a football player who gets a job at the best college, Smith wanted to be the best man in his platoon, so he took his platoon to a game. 

At first, the men weren’t sure what to think. 

Then, when the players were asked to perform some sort of a drill, they did what they were told. 

From there, Smith realized that the drill was just a way to get a job and a chance to help his fellow men.

Smith said his team was ready to go. 

Before long, Smith and the platoon were the ones who were called to work in the field. 

Their job, though, was not to perform any tasks but to keep the platoon safe. 

Each week, they were called out to do one of several tasks in the platoon: supporting, taking down trees, making sure that water was flowing properly, and so on. 

During the day, the team was supposed to have a basic briefing with the company commander. 

On weekends, Smith would get some time off and would help the platoon by getting food and supplies to the men who were in the unit. 

Sometimes, he would even go on a walk.

The men were proud of Smith, who was known for being a “team player.” 

In the summer of 2017, Smith finally decided to get out of the military and return to the United States.

At the time

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The latest news from Intel’s Energi headquarters

July 18, 2021 Comments Off on The latest news from Intel’s Energi headquarters By admin

Alliance personnel concept and design concepts, and the latest news about the Intel Energie platform and hardware.

source Techradar title Intel’s new ‘Energi’ desktop-class laptops feature a new Intel logo on the front panel, and they’re available now on Amazon article Intel’s latest ‘Energies’ desktop laptops have arrived on Amazon, and you can pre-order the Intel-designed desktop laptops now.

Intel is offering the Energies in the form of a ‘desktop-class’ laptop, which is an Intel branded laptop.

The Energies laptops feature an Intel Core i5-7200U processor and 8GB of RAM, a 128GB SSD, and a detachable HDD.

Intel says the Energie laptops will be available starting today, with shipping expected later this month.

The laptops will cost $3,199.

Intel also announced today that it will begin shipping its new ‘Intel-branded’ laptops this month, starting with the E3-9100.

These laptops will feature Intel’s ‘Intel Optane Memory’ and ‘Intel Atom Z3740’ CPU chipsets, respectively.

The Energia’s laptops will start shipping on April 10th, with a price of $2,999.

Intel’s ‘E2-Series’ laptops are available in two flavors: the E2-8010 and the E5-2400.

The new E2 Series laptops are expected to be available in mid-April, with an estimated price of between $2-4,999, depending on configuration.

Intel has also announced that it is adding a new ‘Laptop’ series of laptops to its laptop line-up.

The Laptop ‘L’ series will debut in May, with prices starting at $2.9999, and include Intel’s “Energie” platform.

Intel hasn’t announced pricing for the ‘E3-series’ laptops yet, but Intel has confirmed that they will cost between $5,999 and $6,999 in May.

Intel will also be announcing new Intel-branded products in the coming months.

Intel’s Atom Z3550 desktop processor is expected to debut on June 18, and Intel’s Xeon E3 series processor is scheduled to arrive on July 4.

Intel said that its new desktop-branded laptops will also launch this summer, but the launch of the new ‘Xeon E3’ lineup is expected on August 12.

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