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Google’s Google Earth for Windows 10 beta opens for testing

October 27, 2021 Comments Off on Google’s Google Earth for Windows 10 beta opens for testing By admin

Microsoft and Google have announced that the first public beta of their new version of Google Earth is now available for Windows users to try.

Users can sign up for the beta today, with Microsoft offering the opportunity to download the program from the Windows Store for free, and Google giving away the program for free to anyone who joins the beta program.

Microsoft will be providing the beta for free for five years.

The beta program is currently available for free in the US and Canada, and will be available for all other countries in early 2020.

It will be free for all existing users of Google Maps, Google Maps for Windows, and other Google products and services, as well as for those who sign up to the Google Maps beta program on the Windows platform.

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What do you need to know about the Navy’s new personnel database?

October 19, 2021 Comments Off on What do you need to know about the Navy’s new personnel database? By admin

The Navy’s personnel system is expected to be revamped in the coming months and will include a number of features that will improve how it is used by its personnel and civilian employees.

The system, which will be rolled out as part of the service’s transition to a more digital workforce, will include features like new ways to track people and their locations, and a new way to share data with other federal agencies and employers.

The changes are expected to take effect later this year.

A senior Navy official told CBS News that the new personnel system will also include a new system to provide more detailed information about people and locations to the military.

It will allow employees to see their location, name, date of birth, Social Security number, and other data, according to the official.

The new system is also expected to include a way to automatically upload and track a person’s file if they leave their home and have no other contact information.

It is the latest example of the military moving to a digital workforce.

The Pentagon announced a similar overhaul of its personnel system earlier this year, but the military said at the time that it would not have a major impact on personnel workloads.

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