How to get your documents back from the IDF

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An Israeli military official told The Jerusalem Times on Tuesday that he had instructed officers to return all documents that they have in their possession to the Palestinian Authority in order to facilitate the resumption of talks between Israel and the Palestinians on a future peace deal.

“The IDF has no authority to confiscate documents, and we have no authority over their return,” IDF Brig.-Gen. Yoav Mordechai told the newspaper.

“But this is something we need to do to help us facilitate the talks.”

He said the order came from the director of information security (DISA) and was issued at the request of the ministry of defense.

The Israeli military has been working with the Palestinian leadership on a series of high-level talks aimed at resolving the decades-long Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which has claimed the lives of nearly 1,100 Palestinians.

The IDF chief of staff and other senior officers have made several visits to Ramallah in recent months, but no progress has been made in recent weeks.

In December, a senior Palestinian official said that Israel was close to reaching a peace deal with the Palestinians, but that the talks were not likely to lead to a final deal in the foreseeable future.

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Why are we still paying for Starbucks?

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A company that was once hailed as the Starbucks of the digital age, Walmart’s chief operating officer is now on the receiving end of a lawsuit that accuses the retail giant of having a massive hidden cost: overpaying medical staff.

According to the lawsuit filed in federal court in the Southern District of New York, the retailer paid $14.9 million to help cover expenses for physicians, nurses, pharmacists, lab technicians and other healthcare workers employed by its medical staffing unit in 2013, a year in which the company expanded to 8 million stores across the country.

Walmart’s annual compensation for those workers was $1.5 million.

But the lawsuit contends that the company did not pay enough to keep them employed at its stores, and instead charged them $1,500 to $2,500 per month for their services.

In an emailed statement to The Next World, a spokesperson for Walmart confirmed that the payouts were for “specialized medical and dental work” and that the amount is only for those who are “not employed in Walmart stores.”

But the statement did not provide a reason for the extra payments, including the alleged $1 million cost to Walmart.

The company’s healthcare expenses for 2015 were $8.3 billion, according to its annual report, and the amount of money the company paid out is a fraction of what it spent in the same period last year.

Walmart spent $11.5 billion on healthcare in 2015, and it paid out $11 billion in total compensation to its employees, the company’s CEO Jeff Simon said in a statement.

According a Walmart spokesperson, the compensation costs are for “services that are not specifically assigned to medical personnel,” and the company is “investigating” the claims.

But Walmart’s compensation department told The Next Word that the total amount paid out in 2017 was $7.6 billion, or $7,902 per Walmart employee.

The spokesperson also said that Walmart’s total healthcare expenses in 2015 were less than $2 billion.

“The cost to us was the same as last year, with the exception of one year when we spent $14 million on a health care cost for our staff,” the spokesperson said.

“This year we spent only $3 million on healthcare.”

The spokesperson did not respond to further questions from The Next Way.

In a blog post on the company website, Walmart Chief Operating Officer Doug Oberman wrote that he is aware of the lawsuit and will respond to it as soon as possible.

The lawsuit filed Monday claims that Walmart violated the federal Fair Labor Standards Act by paying its medical staff more than the statutory minimum wage.

In addition, it claims that the compensation payments to medical staff “are excessive and unjustified.”

In a letter dated April 30, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) announced that it was investigating the claims, which it called “an egregious example of retaliation.”

Walmart was already under fire in the media after a whistleblower filed a class action lawsuit against the retailer in December over pay discrepancies that resulted in some employees being paid less than minimum wage and some being paid more than $30,000.

The lawsuit claims that Wal-Mart’s compensation is “unfair and retaliatory” and said that the retailer was “underreporting” its pay.

The New York suit accuses Walmart of making an “unprecedented effort to cover up” its medical and medical-related costs and that “the company continues to provide insufficient financial incentives to employees for working at Walmart.”

Wal-Mart said in the letter that it has “never engaged in retaliation” against any of its medical workers, including that of the whistleblowers, and that its compensation department is working with the EEOC and the U.S. Department of Labor to investigate the claims and to address their “deeply concerning impact.”

WalMart also says that it is “looking into this matter” and is “actively addressing this matter with our employees, including reviewing our compensation programs to ensure that they align with the law and comply with applicable regulations.”

The company has said it is not looking to replace its medical workforce.

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Which iranian security forces are most likely to target journalists?

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IRANIAN security forces, which are mostly based in the provinces of the country, have made arrests and destroyed equipment, including equipment used by journalists, a Reuters investigation has found.

Reuters was granted access to security forces in several areas where reporters were gathering for a major anti-corruption campaign event, including the capital, Tehran, and in some other areas.

In several areas of the city of Qom, security forces reportedly dismantled the press offices of the Iranian opposition-controlled media, as well as the office of the news agency IRNA.

A spokesman for Iran’s national security council, Majid Ibragimov, denied that any such arrests had been carried out, saying that security forces were conducting “operations” and “conducting operations to protect their assets.”

The arrests of IRAN journalists have triggered fears in the region, as the Iranian authorities have long threatened to close down and block access to the country.

Iranian state television, which is controlled by the ruling clerical establishment, regularly presents propaganda aimed at swaying the public against the Islamic Republic.


How to keep an office safe from hackers: A guide

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The cybersecurity industry has been at a crossroads in recent years.

The United States and China have seen their cybersecurity capabilities evolve dramatically, while North America has seen the US and the US-led European Union make some big strides toward improving cybersecurity.

In this guide, CBC News takes a look at the different types of cybersecurity vulnerabilities that can impact an organization.

The cybersecurity guide: What you need to know about cyberattacks and how to protect yourself The latest information on cyberthreats and cybersecurity The cybersecurity threat to Canada and the U.S. In 2016, cybersecurity breaches and cyberattacks hit a record high, with a total of 4.1 billion compromised personal data and 5.9 billion compromised financial data.

The Canadian government is on track to report that number this fall, with cyber attacks costing the Canadian economy more than $2 billion.

It’s not clear if the cyber attacks have impacted Canada’s tourism industry, which is expected to have seen a $3 billion hit over the next three years.

In addition to financial loss, Canadians are also facing the possibility of a cyberattack that wipes out their bank account, or the damage done to their health.

In 2019, the Government of Canada announced that the government would conduct a study to examine the potential economic impact of cyber attacks.

The report is due out in May 2020, and while it has yet to be made public, the report indicates that the total economic impact could be up to $15 billion.

The government is also considering an update to the Canadian cyberthreat assessment, with more details expected to come out later this year.

Cyberattacks on Canadian soil The cyberattacks on Canada and U.K. soil have resulted in the death of over 4,000 people and caused the destruction of tens of millions of dollars worth of property.

In November 2019, a computer virus that infected a small group of U.k. military personnel in a U.N. base in the Ural Mountains in Russia triggered a global cyberattack.

The virus, which infected a number of U,K.

computers, targeted the U,S.

Department of Defense’s U. K. military command and control system.

The U. S. Department was the first to discover the virus and was able to stop the spread.

It took a month and a half for the virus to be eradicated from the U.,K.

computer system, with some U.s. military computers being infected for up to four weeks.

At the time of this writing, there is no evidence of the U S. government being infected by the Russian virus.

What to do if you suspect a cyber attack is coming to your office The first step to taking proactive measures is to identify your company’s infrastructure and to ensure that the information you need is available and safe.

Once you have your company systems, you should consider how best to protect your organization’s networks from cyberattacks.

When you are conducting security audits, you can use a tool such as the Malware Assessment tool.

Malware assessment tool: The Malware Audit Tool is available on the Office of the Chief Information Officer’s website.

It is designed to identify malware that may have been used in a breach, and is also an important tool in protecting your company.

Once Malware Analysis Tool has been installed, it can be used to identify the source of the threat, and identify any known vulnerabilities in the organization’s infrastructure.

This tool is a great tool for businesses that are not using security-focused audit tools.

Malwares are identified by scanning and looking for patterns that are indicative of malware.

For example, malware may have an attachment or a unique fingerprint, or it may appear to be a new or different version of malware, but it’s a common pattern that is repeated many times.

It can also help you understand the overall level of sophistication of the malware.

The tool is useful for organizations that need to take proactive measures to reduce the risk of a potential attack.

If the malware is present in the company’s network, or if it is the result of a distributed attack, you need an appropriate remediation plan in place to protect against future attacks.

Malicious code is often stored on files or hard drives, and can also be stored on network and other device locations.

If a malicious file is downloaded, then the malicious file can infect other computers or systems.

The malicious file may also cause the system to fail to respond to system calls.

Malvertising can be a form of computer intrusion, where a computer sends spam that is designed for someone else to use to gain access to sensitive information.

The spam often has a malicious name that mimics a legitimate name, such as “Adobe”, or uses a unique, familiar-looking email address, such “[email protected]”.

This can lead to malware being installed on systems that are configured to use the domain name or domain name server (DNS) to connect to a web server.

This is the same type of

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How to be a professional writer without ever reading a book

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I have a lot of respect for the New York Times.

But I can’t imagine that this article is going to change the minds of anyone who has been a journalist for at least ten years.

The piece is full of cliches that are a lot like the ones used by many a corporate media consultant.

And while some of the quotes are accurate, the piece fails to explain how or why they work.

And the book doesn’t explain how and why it was written.

The Times’s own marketing and PR team seems to have made a career out of churning out books that claim to be revolutionary, or at least that they will change the world.

The New York Post is already pushing a similar message, with an entire page devoted to promoting “The New York Style.”

But there are a number of things that I believe the Times’s marketing team could have done to better inform readers and persuade readers to buy a book that it would be better to not read.

It is important to understand that I am not saying that the Times is a bad publisher.

It has a lot to offer, and the Times does make money.

But in my opinion, the Times should have tried harder to sell books with a less rosy outlook.

One of the first times I saw the New Yorker’s marketing campaign for a book about the new generation of young black people was at the beginning of the 2008 presidential campaign.

The book was titled The New Black: How Young People Can Make the World a Better Place.

It was marketed as a way to educate young people about race, gender, class, and classism.

The title was clever, and it was a way for the Times to market the book in a way that would appeal to younger people.

But the book did not make a difference.

The same thing happened with a number that came out later in the year.

The author of a book called Black Boys on Parade, about the recent shooting of Trayvon Martin by a neighborhood watch volunteer in Sanford, Florida, did a great job in marketing the book.

But he and the author of Black Boys, an even more successful book, The Black Girl on the Hill, did not sell well.

The fact that the two books were both marketed as books that would help people understand race and other social issues did not matter.

The point was that, despite being a great book, they were marketed to a specific demographic.

In other words, the book was marketed to black people, not to the general population.

It did not seem to matter that, unlike The New Yorker, the author and the book had no racial bias.

So I don’t think that the book, at least as a marketing ploy, did much to persuade people that they should buy it.

There are two things that the New Yorkers marketing team did that could have made it more effective.

One, they could have had a more diverse range of authors in the book series.

A New Yorker book can be published with a broad range of writers.

And, of course, the New Times does publish a wide range of books.

But if the Times was going to use books like Black Boys as a promotional tool, the authors of the books should have been more diverse than they were in The New American.

Second, the publishers could have put more emphasis on the value of diversity.

The problem with The NewAmerican and The NewBlack is that they are about the most racially diverse of the five New York media outlets.

I know this because I spent much of my journalism career writing for the Los Angeles Times and The Philadelphia Inquirer.

And they have some of those same racial biases.

They tend to focus on black issues, while also focusing on the economic problems faced by African Americans.

In some ways, the racial biases of the NewAmerican book series have become more pronounced over time, with a disproportionate number of black people being profiled and their stories presented in an overwhelmingly negative light.

This has resulted in the media’s perception that African Americans are underrepresented in their ranks.

This is not a good way to attract readers.

And it is not good for journalism.

So, the idea that diversity is good is not new.

The history of the United States has a long history of racial and economic barriers to diversity.

It also has a history of how some media outlets have responded to the idea of diversity, including The New New Yorker.

One example is the fact that when The New Republic launched in 1953, it was the first black magazine in the United Kingdom.

By the mid-1970s, the magazine had begun to attract young black readers.

It had a large and diverse staff, including a prominent black journalist and a white editor.

But The NewRepublic did not have a single black editor.

In the 1970s, there were only three black editors in the US.

In 1980, there was only one black editor in the UK.

And in 1996, there are only two black editors and one black writer in the magazine.

In 2012, there is one


How Donald Trump Is Creating A Class War with the Welfare State

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How Donald Trumps new welfare state will make life more difficult for the working poor.

A new study from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities finds that by 2022, the number of welfare recipients under 24 will double, to about 22.4 million.

That’s up from 15.4 billion in 2022. 

The study estimates that the increase will occur over the next decade, meaning that, by 2022 at the latest, nearly 22 million fewer Americans will be able to afford the average monthly cost of a single child in their own household, and more than one in five children will be living in poverty.

The number of poor children in the U.S. will rise to about 17 million, and the number who are poor will grow to nearly 20 million.

The study projects that, with Trump’s new tax policy, those poor children will make up more than 50 percent of those living in “deep poverty,” a class of households that earn less than 100 percent of the federal poverty level. 

For working poor Americans, the changes mean a lot. 

Trumpcare will make the lives of poor people more difficult by making it more difficult to qualify for Medicaid, Medicaid’s health insurance program for the poor, and food stamps, which provide nutrition for people with disabilities.

The new law will also make it harder for working people to earn a living wage.

The Republican plan also increases taxes on middle-class Americans. 

This is a bad deal for working families.

According to the Brookings Institution, more than 20 million Americans are on food stamps and more and more of them have incomes below 150 percent of poverty.

According the Center for American Progress, the poorest 20 percent of families receive $7,958 per person per year less in SNAP benefits than they did in 2014. 

It’s not just the poor that will suffer under Trumpcare.

It’s the working and middle classes, too. 

By 2022, more middle-income Americans will have a higher standard of living than they do today.

The Brookings report estimates that, at the median household income of $70,000, the median family would see a $1,000 increase in income over the same period.

By 2022, that income gap between the middle class and the poor will widen to nearly $3,000 per person. 

And it’s not only the middle classes that will feel the pinch.

A recent study from Brookings shows that a larger share of middle-aged Americans will see their incomes decline in 2022 than they will in 2020. 

But this is just the beginning. 

A new report from the National Employment Law Project shows that, on average, the working age population will grow by 1.3 million people in 2022, an increase of roughly 10 million. 

In 2022, fewer working Americans will need a job to make ends meet.

In 2020, the unemployment rate for workers aged 25-54 was 6.4 percent.

By 2026, it will be down to 4.5 percent. 

There will be more people working fewer hours, which means more people with fewer jobs.

A study from Demos showed that the average working adult will work about 1,200 fewer hours in 2022 and 1,400 fewer hours the following year.

That means that in 2022 there will be an extra 12 million working adults working less hours, and an additional 4.4 to 5.3 percent of working adults will not have jobs at all. 

That means fewer people with a job, fewer people making money, and fewer people earning a living. 

If all this happens, the result will be a higher-than-expected number of people without jobs. 

“These numbers are not just grim; they are terrifying,” said Kate Gee, senior policy analyst at Demos. 

With more and better healthcare, fewer workers will need to worry about paying rent, heating bills, or paying their cellphone bills. 

We will have fewer and fewer of us making ends meet.

“The study notes that, even if all of the new tax changes take effect in 2022 as expected, that means the working-age population will increase by roughly 14 million people over the following decade. 

People with disabilities will also suffer the biggest effects. 

According to the report, by 2026 the number expected to be a “significant disability”—a disability that requires the assistance of a person with a disability—will increase by 1 in 4 Americans.

By 2030, that number will be 1 in 6. 

Another reason for the increase is that the federal government will spend more money on disability benefits. 

So, more people will need more health care and will need it more often. 

More people will be on Medicaid, which is an expansion of Medicaid. 

States will have to find more ways to meet Medicaid’s eligibility requirements, which could include people receiving medical care in a nursing home, or living in assisted living facilities. 

All of these changes will affect the poorest Americans the most. 

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How you can help with the flood response

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The U.S. Coast Guard is asking for your help to keep residents and businesses safe in Houston.

Here’s what you need to know.


What are the requirements to help the flood recovery effort?

The Coast Guard needs your help and will be providing the following:A trained emergency response team will be available to assist with flood recovery activities from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., Monday through Friday.

The Coast Guard also will be coordinating with other government agencies and private contractors to assist in coordinating assistance.

The Coast Guards National Hurricane Center has more information about flood response.

The coast guard is also working to make sure that communities in areas affected by the flood don’t become flooded.

The flood response team includes a Coast Guard crew member, a medical coordinator, a field medic and a field engineer.

The crew member will be responsible for coordinating any and all support, including water, sewage and emergency management.

They will also be responsible with coordinating any medical, supplies, food and other supplies needed by residents and those in shelters.

The field medic will be the primary resource for treating victims and will provide first aid to anyone who is injured, sickened or otherwise needs assistance.

The field medic is responsible for monitoring and collecting all information needed by responders and the public.

The first responder will be in charge of administering any medical care for victims and for providing any first aid and medical care to other victims of the storm.

The emergency medical response team, which will include the Coast Guard, will include a Coast Guards medical specialist, a licensed primary care physician, a certified nurse-midwife and a certified physician assistant, the Coast Guards first response center.

The primary care doctor will also assist the team with all first aid protocols, including administering first aid.

The licensed physician assistant will assist in the selection of appropriate first aid equipment and supplies for the team.

The trained medical response personnel will provide medical care and medical supplies to any victims or those in shelter, as well as provide first-aid training for any first responders who are involved in the storm response.

The trained medical responders will also coordinate first aid at the scene of an incident with the first responders.

The experienced team member will also monitor and collect information regarding the health of any victims and the location of any shelters and/or other vulnerable people.

The team member also will work closely with the primary care physicians, nurse- midwives, physician assistants, physician assistant physicians and other medical personnel.

The qualified field medic or field medic trained in the use of first aid will be ready to perform any necessary medical or first aid procedures, including, but not limited to, chest compressions, defibrillation, defecation, blood transfusions, oxygen and/ or other first aid measures.

The medical response officer will coordinate the medical and first aid activities of the team members.

The nurse-medic will provide initial care and care management for any emergency situations, including any patient who is critically ill or injured.

The nurse-merc will also provide basic first aid training and other necessary first aid supplies, and will also have access to any necessary supplies.

The certified nurse/midwife will perform a range of clinical and therapeutic first aid operations.

The Certified Nurse/Midwife will also work closely and independently with the medical response members to support their mission.

The certified nurse will be able to perform all procedures related to first aid, such as administering first- and second-aid measures, providing first aid in emergency situations and administering first aids in medical situations.

The experienced field medic, field medic certified in the care of injured individuals and the qualified medical response technician will work in close cooperation with the Coast Engineers National Response Coordination Team.

The National Response Coordinator will coordinate with the National Disaster Response Coordinating Center.

The response team members are trained in first aid techniques, first aid technique demonstrations, first- aid techniques and CPR procedures, as applicable.

The response team member is responsible with administering first and second aid, as required.

The initial contact will be with the patient, with the field medic assisting and assisting the patient with initial care.

The team member and his or her immediate family members, who are not in shelter but are expected to be in shelters, will be contacted at the earliest opportunity by phone or by email.

The first contact with the team member’s family members will occur in the first 24 hours following the initial contact.

In the event of a large emergency, the medical responders will be working from a location close to the storm, including those on the ground in shelters or who are able to move quickly and safely to safety.

If an incident occurs near a structure, the first response team is authorized to deploy a medical team.

The medical response teams are not allowed to go into a building.

If a structure is impacted by a hurricane, the response team should also be able go into the structure.

If a structure has structural damage, including a roof collapse or structural damage to a power line, the rescue and response team can use a

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How to find a ‘good’ Tulsa cop

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It is difficult to find an “excellent” Tulsan police officer, but there are plenty of ways to get one.

We will explore the pros and cons of these options, and give you our verdict on the best of them.

Pros: Tulsas police force has been well-known to be the most aggressive and corrupt in the US.

They are known to routinely detain people for days, sometimes weeks at a time.

The department’s reputation is so bad that in 2016, the US Congress voted to cut its budget by more than $2bn, leaving the Tulsans chief of police with less than a third of the money he had requested.

In 2016, Tulsaristan also became the second state in the country to declare a public health emergency.

It has been reported that the department was responsible for the deaths of more than 80 people since 2010, mostly in the Trazara region.

Trazaristan is a hotbed of political corruption, where police officials and judges are routinely accused of abuse, rape, extortion and kidnapping.

The chief of the Tazmilya Police station, Mohammad Saeedi, was sentenced to nine years in prison for corruption.

The local governor, Muhammad Asim, is a close associate of President Donald Trump and is a notorious businessman with a history of financial scandals.

Cons: Trazas police department is notoriously slow in responding to citizen complaints.

In 2018, the state’s legislature passed a bill requiring officers to respond to citizen reports within 15 minutes.

This law has yet to be implemented.

In addition, police are frequently accused of harassing people who report serious crimes.

In 2017, two Trazars police officers were fired after they were caught in a video footage of them attacking a protester.

In a video of a 2017 Trazarah police shooting, a bystander can be heard shouting: “Why are you killing people, you’re killing the law!”

The Trazraspaz police department has a reputation for brutality, and has been involved in at least four fatal shootings in the past decade.

This has led to a number of lawsuits against the TSS, including a recent one brought by the families of two TSS officers who died in a police car.

Pros to consider: TSS is one of the largest police forces in the state, and the department is well-respected by citizens.

They have been known to respond quickly and aggressively when confronted with an arrestee.

The TSS has the resources and manpower to respond in case of emergency.

Cons to consider:- TSS cannot be easily ordered to cease and desist when it is suspected of committing crimes.

This is because of a loophole in the criminal law, which allows police to arrest citizens even if they have not committed a crime.

TSS also is known to be heavily armed, and they have a reputation as being corrupt.

The police force is heavily underfunded, and is known for not enforcing the law.

TKS, TSS and TSSR have a history.

Tulsars state police force was also involved in a violent shooting at a local restaurant in April 2018.

The shooting killed two police officers and injured two others.

Tks and TksR have an ongoing internal investigation into the shooting.

The investigation is ongoing.

Cons of to consider to consider the TKS: TKS has not responded to any citizen complaints regarding officer misconduct, and in the early days of the statehood, the Tks police force often refused to respond, according to reports.

TKK has been criticized for corruption in the department, and for its lack of transparency.

In 2019, the police department was awarded the Department of Justice’s Presidential Medal of Freedom.

The award is awarded annually to law enforcement officers who have made significant achievements in the pursuit of justice.

The medal was awarded for a “resolute and exemplary commitment to the public interest”.

TKSR has been a victim of corruption.

In 2015, the governor of TKS claimed that the TRS was not corrupt.

He claimed that TKS was the best police department in the world, and that it was “not corrupt”.

This claim was later retracted.

In the summer of 2018, TKSRT released a video showing an incident in which a TKS officer assaulted a woman in the city of Traziristan.

In this incident, TKST officers were also seen punching and kicking the woman in front of her husband.

TKRT has been accused of failing to adequately investigate complaints against officers.

TKA, a private company that manages TKS’s police force, was also awarded the 2017 TKS Presidential Medal.

TSA, the department responsible for providing police services in TKS and TKSr, is also in the news for its corruption.

TPS is one state agency that provides some services to TKS residents.

TPs staff have a long history of corruption and abuse.

TPT is one department that provides security services to the TPS and TPSr


Google’s Google Earth for Windows 10 beta opens for testing

October 27, 2021 Comments Off on Google’s Google Earth for Windows 10 beta opens for testing By admin

Microsoft and Google have announced that the first public beta of their new version of Google Earth is now available for Windows users to try.

Users can sign up for the beta today, with Microsoft offering the opportunity to download the program from the Windows Store for free, and Google giving away the program for free to anyone who joins the beta program.

Microsoft will be providing the beta for free for five years.

The beta program is currently available for free in the US and Canada, and will be available for all other countries in early 2020.

It will be free for all existing users of Google Maps, Google Maps for Windows, and other Google products and services, as well as for those who sign up to the Google Maps beta program on the Windows platform.

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Army to cut 3,000 cadets, move thousands more from active duty

October 27, 2021 Comments Off on Army to cut 3,000 cadets, move thousands more from active duty By admin


— Army officials have announced the cancellation of about 3,400 cadets who were expected to serve as a reserve battalion of about 8,500 soldiers.

The cadets were expected back in the active force this summer, the military said Friday in a statement.

Some cadets will be assigned to a combat unit to learn the art of combat sports, while others will serve as part of a small, yet growing, group of cadets and instructors.

At least four other cadets have already been selected for deployment, the Army said.

The Army is looking for more than 2,000 more cadets to replace the cadets whose numbers have already fallen to about 1,200.

The decision came after a meeting of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in late April and was made after the Army Office of the Secretary of the Army recommended canceling the cadet class, Army spokesman Capt. Ryan Hester said in an email.

After this month’s announcement, Army officials said they have been in constant contact with cadets’ parents and have offered them financial support to continue their education.

While Army officials will no longer be recruiting cadets for future classes, they will continue to maintain cadet training and support services, including mentoring and mentoring assistance, Hester added.

This will allow the Army to continue to meet its current needs while providing the cadETs with an educational environment that will prepare them for future deployments, Hesters said.

We believe it’s important to maintain a cadet force that will be able to effectively support our troops while continuing to ensure that our soldiers are protected and the safety of our nation is protected,” Army Secretary John McHugh said in a news release.

In May, the number of cadet recruits dropped to about 2,200, from about 3:30,000 in 2014.

The number of active-duty cadets dropped to just under 3,600 from 5,400 in 2014, according to the Army.

About 1,300 cadets are serving as instructors at Fort Benning, Ga., for training exercises.

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